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Below are six of my weekly "Leaders of the Lions" radio shows.  On each show, there was a different guest that was either a student-athlete a or coach at Piedmont University.  Each show was 50 minutes in length, as the guest and I talked about their sport, as well as how they got to Piedmont and life in general. Also below, there are five of my "Where Else Would You Rather Be" Podcast Episodes.  I hosted this podcast Monday-Fridays with Conner Jelley. We discussed major issues and topics going on in the world of sports.  These podcasts can also be accessed on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Anchor. 

Episode 2WEWYRB Podcast
00:00 / 39:10
Episode 3WEWYRB Podcast
00:00 / 39:40
Episode 4WEWYRB Podcast
00:00 / 41:14
Episode 5WEWYRB Podcast
00:00 / 47:08
Episode 7WEWYRB Podcast
00:00 / 52:25
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